HAL: HTT 40 begins spin testing

Aircraft maker Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)-developed HTT 40 on Friday began spin testing by  successfully entering in to two turn spin and subsequently recovering with the appropriate controls.

The spin testing is the most crucial and challenging aspect of flight testing of any aircraft development programme.

HAL CMD R Madhavan said, “The successful start of the spin testing gives a boost to HAL and also restores credibility of HAL in successfully designing a spin worthy aircraft.”

HAL’s Aircraft Research and Design Centre (ARDC) had conducted extensive wind tunnel testing and mathematical model analyses to arrive at the spin characteristics of the aircraft.

“Two test pilots undertook the first ever spin entry testing today at around 1.30 pm. The aircraft was piloted by Group Captain KK Venugopal (Retd), DGM-Test Pilot (FW) from front cock pit and Group Captain S Chaki (Retd), Senior Test Pilot (FW) from rear,” the aircraft maker said in a statement.

The stall testing was already completed and the project galloped its way to spin tests.

As per Arup Chatterjee, Director (Engg and R&D) the PSQR test points have been met and the spin completion is the last metric which needs to be accomplished before the aircraft enters service.

As a matter of fact, HTT 40 exceeds the Preliminary Services Qualitative Requirements (PSQR) on most fronts and offers a technologically advanced product than its competitor, he added.

The project started its detail design in August 2013 with internal funding and quickly made its way to the spin tests within five years.

The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) has approved procurement of 70 Basic Trainer Aircraft from HAL.

Congratulating the design and project teams for timely start of the critical phase, Mr Madhavan said the project has moved at a break neck speed and stuck to committed milestones there by setting newer benchmarks in project execution and management.

The production clearance for HTT 40 is expected to be accorded by the end of this year.

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