Exercise Vayu Shakti – 2024: Indian Air Force to showcase its combat prowess and operational capabilities in Pokhran

Team India Sentinels Friday 2nd of February 2024 07:15 PM

A Mirage 2000 during Exercise Vayu Shakti – 2019. (File photo)

New Delhi: The Indian Air Force is all set to demonstrate its firepower and other operational capabilities during Exercise Vayu Shakti – 2024. The exercise is scheduled for February 17, 2024, at the Pokhran Air to Ground Range near Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer.

This high-octane exercise promises to be a captivating display of the IAF’s offensive and defensive capabilities, spanning both day and night operations. In a near-realistic scenario, the IAF promises to demonstrate its prowess in delivering precision strikes with devastating effect in various drills.

Some of the expected key highlights

Participating aircraft: A total of 121 aircraft will take part in this year’s Vayu Shakti. Among them are the indigenous Tejas light combat aircraft, Prachand multirole light helicopter, and Dhruv utility helicopter. These homegrown platforms will share the skies with other well-known flying platforms, like the Rafale, Mirage-2000, Sukhoi-30 MKI, Jaguar, Hawk, C-130J, An-32, Chinook, Apache, and Mi-17.

Surface-to-air weapon systems: Apart from its aircraft inventory, the IAF will also showcase the indigenous Akash and Samar missile systems. They will demonstrate their capability to track and neutralize intruding aircraft. These systems play a crucial role in safeguarding our airspace.

Long-range precision strikes: The IAF will showcase its ability to deliver weapons accurately from multiple airbases. Whether it is a conventional payload or a long-range missile, the force aims to prove its capabilities in every aspect of modern warfare.

Joint operations: Exercise Vayu Shakti will also feature joint operations with the Indian Army. Special forces, including the IAF’s elite commando force, Garuds, will collaborate seamlessly with Army commandos to enhance interoperability.

Transport fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters: The IAF’s transport and helicopter fleets will execute special operations, further emphasizing the force’s versatility.

It may be noted that the last edition of Vayu Shakti took place on February 16, 2019, and this year’s iteration promises to surpass past editions both in firepower and other operational scope.

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