India must move earnestly and quickly to settle border dispute with China

A cursory study of the history of India-China border talks since the 1950s clearly indicates that in all these years China has made several proposals to settle the border dispute, whereas India is yet to put across a single proposal. Now, India must move quickly and earnestly to settle the issue. Read More

Efficiency of CAPFs suffering from ‘glass ceiling’ effect

All posts in the CAPFs being operational posts, the orientation of entire chain of command must be towards operations. Therefore, the argument for continued appointment of officers from other services in these forces can no longer be justified. Read More

PLA’s Barahoti transgression belies China’s weakness in middle sector

In this article, Maj Gen Sudhakar Jee (R) writes that the recent PLA transgression in Uttarakhand’s Barahoti exposes China’s weakness in LAC’s middle sector. He also advocates for a robust Indian response should another Galwan-like situation arises. Read More

Escalating global tensions and how fallacious identities wreck humanity

Sense of insecurity is the source of fear which in turn triggers prejudice and prejudice is a bias grounded in a perceived membership of a social group. Membership serves man as his false and heightened egoistic identity, the negative effects of which create in his psyche a series of threatening emotions. Read More

Afghanistan 4.0: Old battlefield, new alignments and India’s expected role

In this article, Maj Gen Sudhakar Jee (R) discusses the changing geopolitical dynamics in Afghanistan and the region after the Taliban takeover of the war-torn country. He also discusses the role India must play there now. Read More

Ashok Dohare – an officer and a digitalman

Ashok Dohare was one of the pioneering master trainers in the country to design and organize basic and specialized courses for Indian police in digital forensic analysis. Former Madhya Pradesh DGP B Maria Kumar writes on his batchmate Dohare, who retired on August 31, 2021. Read More

Ode to RR Singh: My friend and fellow officer ‘Sher-e-Bikaner’

Promoting the feeling of oneness and camaraderie is the key to unify the entire humanity. RR has already hinted that he would be more active than ever following his retirement after 36 years of glorious service to the nation as an IPS officer. Read More

1962 India-China War – 1: The reality of a military defeat

This is part of the series on the 1962 India-China border war that seeks to debunk the myths, misinformation and politics spun around India’s debacle in the North-East Frontier Agency. Read More

China’s Quad concerns give India chance to expand its strategic depth

China’s growing concerns over the Quad gives India an opportunity. New Delhi must use this to gain more strategic ground as well as that of the Quad. The time has come for India to lead this mission. Read More

Present imperfect and future uncertain – blame it on Covid

As Covid devastates human lives and national economies unabated across the world, this is an analysis what has resulted in the ongoing harrowing trend that doesn’t look to ebb in the near future, especially in India. Read More

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