‘Open Sangsar’: The radio message that sealed the fate of East Pakistan

The fascinating story of INS Vikrant’s role in bringing the 1971 war to a conclusion favourable to India Read More

China: One party, two systems, infinite lies

The Chinese dream is at total divergence to the authoritarian CCP – as is now seen in Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Inner Mongolia. Their infinite lies having run their course, the CCP is a flawed dream that is headed towards a rude shock of failure. Read More

China’s ‘cultural genocide’ against Uighur Muslims and world’s silence

China has embarked upon a frantic campaign to eradicate the Uighur identity and culture in Xinjiang. So far, barring some countries, the majority world has turned a blind eye to the plight of the Uighurs and other Muslim ethnic groups in China. Read More

Lightweight border guarding

The government has been going wrong in appointing the heads of critical central armed police forces, like the BSF. Sometimes, these part-time leaders of the forces have done more harm than good to the organizations. Read More

De-dollarization inevitable as result of unilateral US sanctions

Since 1944, the US dollar has been the primary reserve currency used by other countries. This has led to US hegemony in world trade. However, the full extent of the dollar’s power was never used until the current president, Donald Trump, came to power. Read More

Naval diplomacy: Navy’s often-missed key role

The interconnected and interdependent economies of the globalized world employ the maritime domain not only for transportation of energy, goods and commodities, but also to project power for military and diplomatic purposes. Read More

What if PLA counterattacks? Maj Gen Dhanoa’s defensive doctrine

Last week, we heard Brigadier RJS Dhillon on a doable offensive action against China to force them to withdraw from the Indian territory they have captured in Ladakh. However, if the Chinese army counterattacks, what can India do? Maj Gen Birender Singh Dhanoa spells out what our defensive doctrine should be. Read More

LAC, PP14, reality and lies: Walking down Galwan valley with Brig Dhillon

Since the bloody June clashes between Indian Army soldiers and China’s PLA in eastern Ladakh, there is one thing the nation wants to know: the truth about the line of actual control – in Ladakh generally, and the Galwan valley in particular. Brig RJS Dhillon explains in details. Read More

The dragon’s breath will scorch Africa: Treachery thy name is CCP

Africa is the world’s second most populous continent (after Asia) and more than 1.3 million people call it home – accounting for more than 15% of the world’s population. The continent is often acknowledged as the birthplace of humanoids and early civilisations. Read More

India’s options around LAC: Going north with Brig Dhillon

Against the backdrop of gloom along the LAC these days, we asked Brigadier RJS Dhillon about India's options. As China’s PLA sits pretty in our areas, on the wrong side of the LAC, in several places, we have chosen the path of lengthy negotiations. Until now, except for Galwan, the talks don’t seem to have made any headway. Read More

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