China’s Quad concerns give India chance to expand its strategic depth

China’s growing concerns over the Quad gives India an opportunity. New Delhi must use this to gain more strategic ground as well as that of the Quad. The time has come for India to lead this mission. Read More

Present imperfect and future uncertain – blame it on Covid

As Covid devastates human lives and national economies unabated across the world, this is an analysis what has resulted in the ongoing harrowing trend that doesn’t look to ebb in the near future, especially in India. Read More

Animal support for border guarding

I have all along been a strong votary of use of technology to ease the hardship of troops. I rue the fact that in spite of my almost four decades of experience of border guarding this simple indigenous solution never occurred to me. Read More

Fauci, Halder and Covid woes

Facilitating citizens to live in a safe environment is the duty of every government which in turn is as sacrosanct as its legitimate responsibility. It is immaterial whether the form of the government is an elected one or a hereditary monarchical reign as long as the people continue enjoying their lives freely. Read More

US sanctions on India over S-400 likely to be mild: Swaran Singh

In this interview with Prof Swaran Singh, Sapna Singh of India Sentinels discussed the possibility of US sanctions on India under CAATSA for buying S-400 anti-missile defence system from Russia, as well as the implications if at all Washington imposes sanctions on New Delhi. Read More

Three colours to resolve three Covid paradoxes

Such is the cataclysmic situation that India has wantonly created for itself over last one year to the utter dismay of the whole world, the Covid monster has, besides its infection spree, been playing its diabolical tricks in the form of at least three contradicting paradoxes, which has perplexed the society at large. Read More

India can beat Covid if it changes its behaviour and acts logically

Unlike other pathogens, the novel coronavirus seems to be a bit different. It is like Vali, the monkey king with special powers in the Hindu epic Ramayana. Therefore, it needs a different approach to beat it. Read More

Leadership of security forces is failing nation to control Maoists

The April 3 Maoist attack on the security forces, in which 22 soldiers lost their lives, should be a wakeup call for the establishment to carry out an overhaul of the management policy of central armed police forces or the CAPFs. Read More

The Quad is warming up, but is it enough to counter China?

Keeping an eye on China, the Quad members have increased their defence budget and going for more joint military drills. However, is this enough to keep China in check? Read More

What history tells us about aircraft carrier and India

The only thing that we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history – Hegel. If Georg Hegel were to turn in his grave each time an incident across the world proved the accuracy of his statement, by now he may perhaps have rotated more times than the earth rotates around its axis in a year! Read More

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