Amar Jawan Jyoti: Victim of politics

It is more than obvious that the “merging” of the Amar Jawan Jyoti with the flame in the newly built National War Memorial been done to erase the legacy of the past governments, especially of the Congress governments led by Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. . Read More

Is Moscow’s naval dance with Beijing helping Russia?

In recent years, the Russian navy has facilitated the participation of Chinese navy in multiple maritime exercises across the Indian Ocean Region. These may seem to be mere expressions of the growing Russia-China partnership. However, this estimate would be both superficial and myopic. Read More

The World Summit at Null Island

As the year 2021 ends, B Maria Kumar, former DG of Madhya Pradesh Police, writes a philosophical article based on an assumed future summit of religious leaders on how to end strife in the world and move towards a better world where the focus is solely on the welfare of humanity. Read More

Religious bonhomie and communal harmony in Indian armed forces

The armed forces in our country are a microcosm of the entire country. They comprise of soldiers drawn from all parts of our varied country, cutting across faiths and communities. While in service, they learn and practise the one underlying theme of all religions – love for all humankind and tolerance for other religions. Read More

Threat of China annexing Tawang is real. What must India do?

In this article, Maj Gen Sudhakar Jee, VSM (R) says China may try to wrest Tawang by force and gives reasons for it. He discusses what the Chinese would do to achieve their goal and how India should counter China’s moves. Read More

India @ 75: New Delhi’s security challenges and path forward

In this article, Maj Gen Sudhakar Jee (R) discusses the internal, external, and maritime security challenges India faces after 75 years of Independence and proposes what the country’s long-term strategic vision should be like. Read More

Understanding Pakistan’s ‘deep state’ and its threat to world

In this article, Maj Gen Sudhakar Jee (R) discusses the genesis of Pakistan’s “deep state”, how it is jeopardizing regional as well as global security. He argues that if the international community doesn’t take bold steps now, it might have serious global ramifications. Read More

India must move earnestly and quickly to settle border dispute with China

A cursory study of the history of India-China border talks since the 1950s clearly indicates that in all these years China has made several proposals to settle the border dispute, whereas India is yet to put across a single proposal. Now, India must move quickly and earnestly to settle the issue. Read More

Efficiency of CAPFs suffering from ‘glass ceiling’ effect

All posts in the CAPFs being operational posts, the orientation of entire chain of command must be towards operations. Therefore, the argument for continued appointment of officers from other services in these forces can no longer be justified. Read More

PLA’s Barahoti transgression belies China’s weakness in middle sector

In this article, Maj Gen Sudhakar Jee (R) writes that the recent PLA transgression in Uttarakhand’s Barahoti exposes China’s weakness in LAC’s middle sector. He also advocates for a robust Indian response should another Galwan-like situation arises. Read More

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