Indian Air Force’s MiG-29 fighter aircraft crashes in Punjab

Team India Sentinels Friday 8th of May 2020 12:42 PM

Jalandhar: An Indian Air Force (IAF) fighter aircraft MiG-29 on Friday crashed near Jalandhar in Punjab.

The pilot has ejected safely.

“On 08 May 20, at 1045h, one Mig-29 aircraft airborne on a training mission from an Air Force base near Jalandhar met with an accident. The aircraft had developed a technical snag and the pilot ejected safely as he was unable to control the aircraft,” the IAF said in a statement.

The pilot has been rescued by a helicopter.

A Court of Inquiry has been ordered to investigate the cause of accident.

As per reports, after the mayday situation, the pilots crashed the plane in an open field.