Tejas LCA to get advanced weapons and sensors upgrade under new MoU

Team India Sentinels Wednesday 21st of February 2024 03:46 PM

A Tejas LCA. (File photo)

New Delhi: A new memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between the Aeronautical Development Agency and the Indian Air Force to integrate futuristic weapons and sensors in the Tejas light combat aircraft (LCA). The MoU was signed by Prabhulla Chandran VK, the technology director (avionics and weapon systems) of ADA, and Air Vice Marshal KN Santosh, the commandant of the Software Development Institute (SDI) of the IAF.

The ADA is a leading organisation under the Department of Defence R&D, responsible for designing and developing the Tejas LCA and its variants.

As modern warfare demands constant upgradation of the weapons and sensors suite of the aircraft, the ADA has initiated the transfer of know-how for integration of weapons and sensors to the SDI. This will enable the IAF to carry out sensors, weapon integration and flight testing on its own, to improve the operational capability of the Tejas LCA fighter.

The ADA has successfully developed and type-certified the Tejas LCA, with more than 10,000 sorties of incident-free flying. The IAF has already formed two squadrons of this fighter aircraft and is also inducting twin-seater aircraft.

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