Villagers along border want special recruitment rally for youths

Team India Sentinels Wednesday 10th of October 2018 02:14 AM

Reposing faith in Indian defence forces, the villagers of Keran sector in Jammu and Kashmir have urged the Indian Army to conduct a special rally for local youths in a bid to serve the nation. Under the banner of Ekta Maan Veerta of XV Corps, the village head said, “Our boys are doing best in the field of cricket and volleyball. We villagers want the Army should recruit more boys under a special rally so that they can serve the nation.” Besides, they also requested the Army to construct the roads in the region.  Keran sector is one of the easiest infiltration routes for terrorists as it is located on the border between India and Pakistan, an Indian Army spokesperson said. It also used to be the famous route in 1990s. The village has three border posts including Khokhri, Kulari and Mangerta. The inhabitants have also ensured they will always stand for the armed forces as they have done a lot for the villagers. The Indian Army conducts a Bharat Darshan programme, where students from valley are being taken to other parts of the country in an effort to give them exposure about life. “We will always support the Indian Army. You people host Iftar party for us. You people give all sorts for assistance to us. We villagers will walk with you all shoulder to shoulder,” said the village headman. XV Corps Commander Lt Gen AK Bhatt was also present during the event. Over 250 terrorists are ready to infiltrate through various launchpads set up by the Pakistani Army. However, the Indian Army is also prepared to foil them. The locals have been advised not to provide any shelter to the terrorists.


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