In West Bengal, four children die in trench collapse, locals blame BSF

Team India Sentinels Tuesday 13th of February 2024 07:08 PM

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Kolkata: Four children lost their lives in an accident that happened in a freshly dug trench near the India-Bangladesh Border in West Bengal’s North Dinajpur district. Although the exact date of the incident is not clear, the Border Security Force, in a release, said it happened after the force allowed a civilian to dig the trench on a private land, on Sunday.

The incident, which occurred near the India-Bangladesh border, has sparked outrage among locals who accused the BSF of the tragedy.

According to reports, the children, aged between five and 12, were playing in the trench when the earth caved in and buried them alive. Locals rushed to the scene and attempted to rescue the children, but they were pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

The BSF claims the accident happened on private land where they had permission to carry out the work. However, locals allege that the BSF did not follow proper safety protocols and failed to put up adequate warnings around the excavation site. They also alleged that the digging work was undertaken without proper authorization.

The incident has triggered protests and demands for accountability. The Trinamool Congress, West Bengal’s ruling party, has called for a thorough investigation and accused the BSF of negligence. The families of the victims have demanded compensation and justice.

The BSF maintains its innocence and has launched its own internal investigation. The local police have also initiated an inquiry to determine the cause of the accident and identify any possible lapses in safety protocols.

Here is the BSF’s statement on the incident:


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