Meet Suman Kumari – Border Security Force’s first woman sniper

Team India Sentinels Monday 4th of March 2024 06:09 PM

Suman Kumari. (Photo: BSF)

New Delhi: In a groundbreaking achievement, Suman Kumari has become the first woman sniper in the Border Security Force. Completing the grueling eight-week sniper course at the Central School of Weapons and Tactics in Indore, Suman, a sub-inspector in the BSF, has proven her mettle and shattered the glass ceiling in a male-dominated field. Her exceptional performance and determination have made her an inspiration for aspiring women in the defence sector.

The sniper course is notoriously demanding, requiring a high level of physical and mental strength. Trainees are pushed to their limits, mastering skills like marksmanship, camouflage, fieldcraft, and tactical decision-making under pressure. The objective is to equip snipers with the skills necessary to approach enemies undetected and neutralize threats effectively.

Suman was the only woman among 56 male trainees who embarked on this arduous journey.

Suman Kumari. (Photo: X/@MPNaveenJindal)

Throughout the course, Suman displayed exceptional prowess and determination. Her instructors praised her performance, highlighting her leadership and consistent excellence in various activities. Despite the difficulties faced by all the trainees, Suman not only survived but excelled in the rigorous training program. Her hard work, mental fortitude, and desire to learn set her apart from her counterparts.

Suman’s dedication and exceptional performance led her to achieve the prestigious “instructor grade” in the BSF sniper course. This accolade is reserved for trainees who exhibit outstanding skills and knowledge, demonstrating their ability to become instructors themselves. Suman’s attainment of this grade is a testament to her expertise and has opened doors for her to serve as a sniper instructor in the future.

Suman’s journey to becoming a sniper was motivated by a solemn realization of the looming threat posed by sniper attacks from across the border. While commanding a platoon in Punjab, she witnessed the increasing danger of such attacks and decided to volunteer for the sniper course. With determination and dedication, she wrote to her superiors, expressing her unwavering commitment to the cause. Recognizing her resolve, they readily approved her participation in the course.

Suman Kumari. (Photo: X/@Defence_Squad_)

Suman Kumari’s background

A native of Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi district, Suman Kumari, 28, comes from a modest background. Her father works as an electrician, and her mother is a homemaker. In 2021, Suman joined the BSF, driven by her passion for serving the nation. Little did she know that she would soon embark on a path to become a pioneer.

Suman’s repertoire extends beyond sniper proficiency, encompassing mastery in unarmed combat techniques, further enriching her arsenal of skills in service to her nation. She is also fluent in English, Hindi, and Punjabi, and has a keen interest in reading and music.

Suman Kumari, by becoming the BSF’s first woman sniper, broke barriers and set an example for others to follow. She has shown that with courage and conviction, nothing is impossible.


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