India test-fires first indigenously made 1,500-horsepower engine for main battle tanks

Team India Sentinels Wednesday 20th of March 2024 03:31 PM

An Indian Army T-90S main battle tank during a combat exercise in Rajasthan. (Photo: MoD)

Mysuru/New Delhi: In a breakthrough for India’s indigenous defence industry, the state-owned Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) successfully conducted the maiden test-firing of the country’s first indigenously developed 1,500-horsepower engine for the Indian Army’s main battle tanks (MBTs), on Wednesday. The event took place at BEML’s engine division in the company’s Mysuru complex in the presence of the defence secretary, Giridhar Aramane.

Aramane lauded the successful test-firing of the engine as a “transformative moment” that would significantly enhance India’s military prowess.

Giridhar Aramane giving a thumbs up to the BEML test team on the successful test-firing of the 1,500 MBT engine. (Photo: MoD)

The 1,500hp engine represents a paradigm shift in military propulsion systems. Its cutting-edge features include a high power-to-weight ratio, operability in extreme conditions (such as high altitudes, subzero temperatures, and desert environments), and advanced technologies that position it on par with the most sophisticated engines globally.

The BEML chairman and managing director, Shantanu Roy, emphasized his company’s pivotal role in defence production. He stated that this accomplishment solidifies the BEML’s position as a key contributor to India’s defence sector, serving the nation’s critical needs.

The project, initiated in August 2020, has been meticulously structured into five major milestones, ensuring timely completion and adherence to quality standards.

The first test-firing signifies the completion of “Generation 1”, focusing on technology stabilization. “Generation 2” will witness BEML producing engines for various trials at the Chennai’s Avadi-based Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE) – a Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) laboratory, followed by their integration into actual vehicles for user testing.

While details of the engine’s performance have not been officially released, analysts believe it represents a major step forward for the country’s defence ambitions. The success of this project paves the way for further development of indigenous tank technology, potentially including advanced transmission systems and improved fire-control mechanisms.

The entire project is slated for completion by mid-2025.

The “Roster of Excellence” in the BEML “Hall of Fame”. (Photo: MoD)

As a tribute to the extraordinary efforts of the BEML team, Aramane inaugurated a “Wall of Fame” at the BEML complex here. This symbolic gesture recognizes their unwavering commitment to advancing the defence capabilities of the country and achieving significant milestones in indigenous technological innovation.


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