In a groundbreaking feat, single indigenously made Akash missile system takes down four aerial targets simultaneously

Team India Sentinels Sunday 17th of December 2023 02:09 PM

The Akash missile system during a Republic Day parade in New Delhi. (File photo) 

New Delhi: India’s air-defence capabilities achieved a groundbreaking feat, in which a single Akash missile system successfully engaged four unmanned aerial targets simultaneously. The drill in which the feat was achieved was conducted at the Suryalanka Air Force station in Andhra Pradesh during Exercise Astrashakti 2023, earlier this month, the Defence Research and Development Organization said, on Sunday.

This achievement puts India at the forefront of multi-target engagement technology in the 25-kilometre range using command guidance. Previously, no nation had showcased the ability to neutralize four aerial threats at once at such a far range.

This demonstration underlines the Akash system’s exceptional precision and firepower, solidifying its role as a crucial shield against air attacks.

Adding to the complexity of the exercise, the four targets simulated an attack in close formation, splitting before approaching from multiple directions to overwhelm defences. However, the Akash system’s firing-level radar (FLR) swiftly detected and tracked the targets, relaying information to receiving stations for analysis.

As the threat materialized, the Akash firing unit and firing-control centre (FCR)sprang into action, seamlessly assigning targets to launcher teams. Following calculated commands, two missiles were launched from each launcher, with the FLR precisely guiding all four towards their designated targets. As a result, all four incoming aerial threats were eliminated, showcasing the Akash's unmatched capability in high-pressure situations.

Developed indigenously by the DRDO and manufactured by Bharat Dynamics Limited, the Akash missile system has served as a pillar of Indian air defence for nearly a decade. Its successful integration into the Indian Air Force arsenal provides robust protection against airborne threats and boosted India’s air-defence shield in key sites and installations.


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