UAV: ideaForge launches its latest upgraded NETRA V4 PRO at XPONENTIAL 2023

Team India Sentinels Friday 12th of May 2023 11:36 AM

New Delhi: IdeaForge Technology Limited, the pioneer and the pre-eminent market leader in the Indian unmanned aircraft systems industry, launched its latest upgraded UAV, NETRA V4 PRO at XPONENTIAL 2023.

The NETRA V4 PRO has a flight time of over 90 minutes.

The NETRA V4 PRO is the latest addition to the NETRA series of UAVs developed by ideaForge.

One of the key upgrades of the NETRA V4 PRO is its extended flight time of 90 minutes. It is operational up to a range of about 10 miles (around 16 kilometres).

NETRA V4 PRO is built to be used for a wide range of applications, including defence, public safety, emergency response and mapping.

“NETRA Series UAVs are designed for a wide range of mission-critical applications, and NETRA V4 PRO, provides an extended flight time of over 90 minutes,” said Ankit Mehta, CEO of ideaForge.

He further added, “XPONENTIAL is not just an event, rather it is a platform to showcase your technology across the global UAV industry. Launching NETRA V4 PRO at such a global level is an opportunity for ideaForge to present its innovations.”

Along with NETRA V4 PRO, ideaForge introduced its “early adopter program” (EAP) in the United States and Canada, which allows the customers to test and try this ideaForge UAV without an initial investment.

The early adopter program allows customers to gain first-hand experience by testing ideaForge's upgraded UAV, NETRA V4 PRO, with 90 minutes of flying time. After completing this program, customers will be able to purchase the UAV at a discount.


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