Now, two- and three-star officers in armed forces to have common evaluation process for promotion, posting

Team India Sentinels Friday 16th of June 2023 02:51 PM

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New Delhi: In one of the most conspicuous moves towards theaterization of the country’s armed forces, the government has given the go-ahead for implementing a common evaluation process for promotion and posting of senior officers in the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and the Indian Air Force. This will be implemented for two-star (major general and equivalent) and three-star (lieutenant general and equivalent) officers.

The common annual confidential report of these officers will come into effect from September or October this year, India Sentinels learned on Friday. A defence ministry official said since the three services are moving towards theaterization where the three services will be working together in various theatres, the government felt the need to have synergy in the appraisal system of senior officers because, in the future, a bulk of them would be working together in an integrated environment.

This development comes close to the heels of interservice cross-postings of junior-level officers, as India Sentinels had reported earlier.

According to the official, the government believes that this change, which puts the senior officers of all the three services through a common norm for postings and promotions, will ease the path towards achieving commonality in procedures and assessments and will lead to better outcomes. The official also said this move will lead to better identification and selection of officers for triservices appointments in the command, staff, or instructional branches.


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