India, Kazakhstan to strengthen counterterror cooperation in wake of Moscow mall attack

Team India Sentinels Wednesday 10th of April 2024 06:11 AM

KD Dewal (L) and Talgat Kaliyev during the India-Kazakhstan Joint Working Group on Counter-Terrorism held at Astana, on April 8, 2024.

New Delhi: In the aftermath of the recent terror attack in Moscow, India and Kazakhstan have pledged to bolster their counterterrorism cooperation. The decision was made during the fifth meeting of the “India-Kazakhstan Joint Working Group on Counter Terrorism” held in Astana, on Monday.

The meeting was particularly significant given the terror attack on Moscow’s Crocus City Hall were reportedly carried out by extremists with Central Asian origins, reportedly Tajiks, potentially influenced by Pakistan-based seminaries. The Indian delegation was led by joint secretary (counterterrorism) in the foreign ministry, KD Dewal, while the Kazakh delegation was headed by Talgat Kaliyev, ambassador at large, of the Kazakh foreign ministry.

Both nations assessed counterterrorism challenges, including the misuse of the internet for terrorist purposes, radicalization, terror financing, and the use of new and emerging technologies by terrorists. They also exchanged views on cross-border terrorism in South Asia and terror activities in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region.

The two sides emphasized the importance of strengthening counterterrorism cooperation through exchange of information, capacity building, training programmes, and cooperation at multilateral forums, like the United Nations, Eurasian Group, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

They agreed to hold the sixth meeting of the joint working group on counterterrorism in India.

The Moscow attacks, which resulted in the death of at least 137 people, have underscored the urgency of international cooperation in the fight against terrorism. The strengthening of ties between India and Kazakhstan in this area is a positive step towards ensuring regional and global security.


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