Need of emotional connect between India and Korea: Enna Park

Team India Sentinels Friday 22nd of June 2018 03:48 PM

Emphasizing the need of strong collaboration between both the nations, South Korean Ambassador for Public Diplomacy Enna Park believed that there is a need of emotional connects between India and Korea for peace and prosperity. Speaking at a daylong seminar on the issues that constitute the India-Korea relationship, Park said, “Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make-in-India and Ease of Doing Business initiatives, the foreign companies have fair access to the market. We have 700 Korean Companies in India. We have a huge opportunity here since India is a second largest economy. Even in terms of population, Indians are very much advanced in basic science. The country is quite appealing.” She further talked about growing relationship between North Korea and South Korea as how the recent talks have given room to peace at the Korean Peninsula. On the occasion, South Korean Ambassador to India Shin Bongkil said, “Public diplomacy is about connecting and engaging the minds to the people of Korea and India.” Owing to age old relationship of Korea and India, he quoted Prime Minister Modi saying “10 per cent of Koreans are relatives of India.” The seminar was organized by Yonsei University, Korea and Observer Research Foundation (ORF) in New Delhi. Observer Research Foundation Chairman Sunjoy Joshi mentioned the need to expand the economy in terms of infrastructure and also strengthen the maritime security. He also pointed out the growing prominence of South Korean brands in India be it automobile sector or technology.  


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