India set to receive Russia-made warships despite US sanctions on Moscow, report says

Team India Sentinels Saturday 6th of April 2024 08:39 AM

INS Talwar (F40) is an Indian Navy frigate designed and built in Russia. (Photo: Public Domain/US Navy)

New Delhi: India is poised to take delivery of two warships built in Russia within the next few months, a Bloomberg report said citing unnamed senior Indian officials. This news comes amid ongoing tensions between Russia and the west following the invasion of Ukraine.

The acquisition raises concerns about potential sanctions from the United States under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA). The act allows the US to penalize countries that engage in significant transactions with the Russian defence sector.

The officials, speaking to Bloomberg on condition of anonymity, revealed that India is navigating these complexities to secure the warships, which are frigates. One vessel is expected to arrive in September 2024, with the other following in early 2025. The delivery marks a two-year delay attributed to the war in Ukraine.

The two warships, constructed in Russia’s top-tier shipyards, are state-of-the-art vessels equipped with advanced navigation, communication, and combat systems. The acquisition of these warships for the Indian Navy is part of India’s ongoing efforts to modernize its naval fleet and enhance its maritime security.

It may be noted that The Talwar-class frigates built under Project 11356 are a class of stealth guided-missile frigates designed and built by Russia for the Indian Navy.

These two new frigates India is set to receive in the next few months are part of a larger 2018 agreement between India and Russia for the purchase of four warships. Two additional frigates are under construction in India with Russian collaboration, though their completion faces delays due to supply chain disruptions.

India’s decision to proceed with the warship deal reflects its longstanding military ties with Russia. Over the years, Russia has been a reliable and major defence partner for India, supplying various defence equipment, including fighter jets, tanks, and missile systems, like the advanced Triumf S-400 air-defence system.

However, this partnership has come under strain due to the Ukraine war and growing pressure from the US to diversify its military acquisitions.

The news has generated mixed reactions. While some see it as a necessary step to bolster India’s naval capabilities, others express concern about potential consequences from the US. It remains to be seen how Washington will respond to India’s move and whether CAATSA sanctions will be imposed.


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