Agniveer: First batch attested in various Indian Army regiments across country

Team India Sentinels Sunday 18th of June 2023 05:33 PM

Agniveers pose with senior officers after their attestation ceremony at the Jammu & Kashmir Regimental Centre, Srinagar. (Photo by special arrangement.)

Srinagar/Nagpur/Prayagraj: The first batch of Agniveer recruits who completed their six-month training were attested to various regiments of the Indian Army, on Saturday. The attestation of these fresh soldiers, who will serve the Army for four years as part of their initial contract, took place in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir; Nagpur and Pachmarhi, Maharashtra; Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh; and Ramgarh, Jharkhand.

Agniveers taking oath during their attestation ceremony at the Jammu & Kashmir Regimental Centre. (Photo by special arrangement.)

Agniveers in JAK LI

In Srinagar, the first batch of Agniveers of the Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry (JAK LI) were attested at the Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry Regimental Centre in the presence of their parents and instructors.

It may be noted that this Agniveer batch started their training on January 1, 2023. In a media release, the Srinagar defence PRO said the 24-week training enhanced the recruits’ physical fitness and endurance, sharpened their senses, made them mentally robust, and taught them the skills of a soldier necessary to achieve victory in battle. It said the training also focused on building their character, imbibing regimental traditions, military history and ethos, camaraderie, and an unrelenting spirit. 

“In addition to military training, the Agniveers received instructions on varied subjects which empower them to be responsible, wholesome, and contributing citizens of our great nation,” the PRO said.

The JAK LI-attested Agniveers will undergo another seven weeks of intense training before they join their units located across the country.

Agniveers attested in Brigade of the Guards

Agvineers during their attestation parade at the Jadunath Parade Ground, Brigade of Guards Regimental Centre, Kamptee, Nagpur. (Photo by special arrangement.)

In Nagpur, the 115 recruits from the first batch of Agniveers were attested to the Brigade of Guards at the Brigade of the Guards Regimental Centre in Kamptee, on Saturday. The event involved the Agniveers taking the solemn oath to protect the motherland at all costs.

The ceremony was witnessed by the families and friends of the fresh soldiers, who came from various parts of the country. The attestation parade was presided over by Brigadier K Anand, commandant, Guards Regimental Centre.

On the same day, in the serene Madhya Pradesh hill station of Pachmarhi, the attestation ceremony of the first batch of Agniveer (Musician) was organized at Army Education Corps Training College and Centre. In this event, 24 Agniveer (Musicians) were attested.

The ceremony was presided over by Brigadier VK Bhat, commandant, AEC Training College and Centre.

Agniveers attested in Varanasi

Agniveers pose with senior officers of the Gorkha Regiment after their attestation ceremony at the 39 Gorkha Training Centre in Varanasi. (Photo by special arrangement.)  

In Varanasi’s 39 Gorkha Training Centre, an impressive attestation ceremony for the Agniveers were held. In the event, 26 Agniveers took oath to serve the Gorkha Regiment of the Army, on Saturday. 

Agniveers attested in Ramgarh

Agniveers taking oath during their attestation ceremony at the Sikh Regimental Centre, Ramgarh, Jharkhand. (Photo by special arrangement.)

On the same day, in Jharkhand’s Ramgarh, 271 Agniveers from the first batch were attested in Sikh Regiment of the Army in a ceremony at the Ramgarh Military Station. Brigadier Shailesh Sati, commandant, Sikh Regiment Centre, presided over the event.


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