Havildar Varinder Singh from Indian Army’s Sikh Regiment receives Vishisht Seva Medal for designing innovative drone ‘Multipurpose Octocopter’

Team India Sentinels Thursday 15th of February 2024 12:04 PM

Havildar Varinder Singh with his “Multipurpose Octocopter” drone. (Photo: X/@dronefed)

New Delhi: Havildar Varinder Singh of the Indian Army’s Sikh Regiment has been awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal by President Droupadi Murmu for his outstanding contribution to military innovation. He has developed a versatile drone called “Multipurpose Octocopter”, which can perform various tasks that would aid the Army in different operations.

Hav Singh’s drone can undertake surveillance operations by providing live-camera feed to the operator. It can also be used to drop essential supplies to forward posts, including in high-altitude areas. Moreover, the drone has been equipped with a platform for firing weapons, like AK-47, or dropping grenades onto enemy targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Currently, the existing drone can lift weights between five and 10 kilograms. However, Hav Singh said, the new drone that he developed can carry up to 30 kilograms of payload.

The innovative drone has the potential to become a force multiplier in operational areas and situations where last-mile connectivity for the delivery of operational logistics is a challenge. It would also be particularly useful for the delivery of essential supplies to troops deployed at remote posts in high-altitude areas and mountainous terrain.

Talking to reporters, Hav Singh, who has a passion for technology and innovation, said, “This is also a weapon drone, with the help of a four-hand grenade MMG (medium machine gun) rifle, the enemy can be killed with pinpoint accuracy, which will prove to be a boon for the Indian Army.”

Trials of the in-house developed cutting-edge drone have already been successfully carried out in the plains and high-altitude areas. Hav Singh was honoured by the president on January 25, the eve of the 75th Republic Day. He has also been invited to showcase his drone to the top brass of the Army and the defence ministry.

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