Indian Army cautions veterans against posting ‘false narratives’ on social media, warns of severe consequences

Team India Sentinels Monday 10th of July 2023 03:05 PM

(Photo for representation.)

New Delhi: The Indian Army has cautioned its retired servicemen from posting “false narratives” on social media and warned them that violators would face severe consequences, including their pension being stopped or they may face jail terms. India Sentinels has learned that the Army’s additional director general (discipline and vigilance), under the adjutant general’s office, sent a letter in this regard to all seven Army commands in the last week of May. A copy of the letter has now reached various Army formations across the country.

The letter also mentions the provisions of the Indian Penal Code and the Indian Army Act, 1950, under which their pension could be stopped and/or they may face imprisonment. Additionally, it has asked the local commanders to keep tabs on the developments. They have been asked to register cases with local police against offenders, if required.

The letter says that certain videos posted on social media could spread “false narratives”, which may create rifts between officers and other ranks. It says if such activities are left unchecked, it may create “mistrust and disharmony among the ranks and file”.

The letter reads: “In the recent past, several instances have come to light where the conduct of some ex-servicemen has tarnished the Army’s image. … Some (social media) posts aim at inciting and converging public opinion on matters related to service life, conditions, and privileges.”

It further reads: “The speech used in such campaigns is found to be mostly hateful, always malicious, and potentially mutinous. ... Other than being malicious and misleading, the social media posts influence the mindset of the public and, thereby, can have serious ramifications, which may cause a divide in the organization.”

The letter says veterans’ pension can be withdrawn either on conviction by court of a serious crime or when the pensioner is found guilty by a competent authority of grave misconduct. It also highlights the Section 131 of the Army Act, which can punish an officer or a soldier to life imprisonment for “abetting mutiny”.


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