Pakistani snipers posing threat at LoC

Team India Sentinels Friday 28th of December 2018 12:35 PM

While India’s neighbouring countries are busy strengthening their Armed Forces, the Indian Army is still struggling to induct Sniper rifles into its stable. Since last few years, the Army is facing problems at the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir due to Pakistani troops sniper fire. Last month, two soldiers and an Indian Army porter were killed and another was injured in Pakistani sniper fire. On December 21, two Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) were killed in the same action across the border in Kupwara district. However, in a bid to overcome it – the government has issued Request for Proposal (RFP) in September this year for acquiring 5719 8.6mm Sniper rifles. But it would take another 3-4 years for actual signing of the deal. Nearly 50,000 rounds of ammunition will be imported while rest to be made in India after receiving Transfer of Technology from vendor. The rifle is having a range of 1300 meter would replace the 1960s designed Russian-origin 7.62 Dragunov semi-automatic sniper rifles which has become obsolete now. The Dragunov rifles have a range of 800 meter range with no visual aid can be fitted into it, were inducted into Indian Army in 1980s-90s. The Army is about to get 15 lakh round of bullets very soon while another 16 lakh round will be received by June next year. On training front, the Army has revamped its system in last one year with tactical and technical component, focusing on enhancing endurance, mental capacity and improving shooting skills.  The time frame has also been increased to seven weeks from earlier ones four weeks


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