Mental Health Matters: Ayurgyan Nyas and Maitreyi College jointly hold seminar on Mental Health under NEP 2020

Team India Sentinels Thursday 4th of April 2024 02:52 PM

New Delhi: Ayurgyan Nyas and the Department of Sociology at Maitreyi College, University of Delhi,  jointly organised a two-day conference to celebrate 10-year journey of Ayurgyan Nyas, focusing on "Approach to Mental Health & Well-being under NEP, 2020” on  April 2 and 3.

The event aimed to advocate for mental health awareness and promote social, emotional, and ethical learning within mainstream education, aligning with the directives outlined in the National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020.

The experts, educators, researchers and students convened at the college premises to deliberate on the implementation of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Universalization of Early Education (UEE) curricula as per the NEP, 2020.

The inauguration commenced with a traditional lamp lighting ceremony. Professor Ven. Samdhong Rinpoche, Chief Guest, received a warm welcome from Professor Haritma Chopra, the Principal, Maitreyi College. Dr. Gopi Devdutt Tripathy, Teacher-in-Charge of the Department of Sociology, initiated discussions by prompting introspection into the concept of mental health and elaborating on the department's proactive engagement in sociological pursuits.

Professor Vijaya Lakshmi Singh, chairperson, governing body of the college emphasized the importance of maintaining physical fitness and emotional balance, and Ms. Deepti Gulati, General secretary, Ayurgyan Nyas, impressed upon the need of social, emotional and ethical learning in all educational settings and detailed Ayurgyan Nyas’ decade-long endeavors in schools and communities along with intervention in higher educational institutions.

Professor Vivek Suneja stressed the significance of love, kindness, and simplicity amidst societal complexities, while Ven Samdhong Rinpoche addressed pressing issues such as war, income inequality, and unemployment and mentioned the importance of mental health for physical well-being, with mental health being a point of focus in the curriculum of Universal moral education.

Throughout the conference, the speakers provided valuable insights into various aspects of mental health and well-being.

Notable highlights comprised Technical sessions covering paper presentations and discussions on diverse topics viz; transformative learning experiences, universal ethics education, and enhancing emotional well-being in professional settings.

Eminent speakers included Prof. Renuka Singh, Lt. Gen (Retd.) K.J Singh, Dr Anurita Jalan, Dr. Jwalin Patel, Dr Kavita Bajpai, Dr. Alok Bajpai, Prof. Kaveri Gill &  Mr. Atul Tiwari and Dr. Ankita Paul.

Additionally, the parallel workshops catered to practical needs, including destigmatizing mental health, integrating universal ethics education, and harnessing performing arts for social change.

These parallel sessions were conducted by renowned theater director Mr. Feisal Alkazi, Dr. Jwalin Patel, Ms. Shika Maini, Ms. Anita Goyal and the NGO Manzil Mystics.

The conference concluded with a session dedicated to reflecting on insights gained and workshop impacts. Dr. Neeraj Kumar, Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, Maitreyi College, extended gratitude to attendees and contributors for advancing discourse on mental health and well-being.

Special thanks were extended to professor Avinash C. Pandey, Director; inter university centre for Yogic Sciences for his support.


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