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Navy sharpens its anti-submarine teeth with INS Agray and INS Akshay launch

In a boost to its anti-submarine operations, the Indian Navy has launched two new warships – INS Agray and INS Akshay. These vessels are built by the Kolkata-based Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Limited. Read More

‘Bharat Shakti’: Services conduct live-fire drills with indigenous weapons

The Indian Army, Indian Navy, and the Indian Air Force conducted “Bharat Shakti” – a joint live-fire and manoeuvre exercise with indigenously developed weapon systems and platforms at Rajasthan’s Pokhran Firing Range. Read More

Tejas LCA crashes for first time in its history, pilot ejects safely

An IAF Tejas LCA crashed near Jaisalmer. This marks the first-ever crash of Tejas – the pride of India’s domestic defence-industrial complex – since its first technology demonstrator, TD-1, took to the skies on January 4, 2001. Read More

India successfully test-fires Agni V ICBM with MIRV capability

India successfully test-fired the Agni V intercontinental ballistic missile equipped with multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV) technology. Read More

‘Bharat Shakti’: India to showcase indigenous defence prowess

The Indian armed forces are set to demonstrate their indigenous defence-manufacturing capabilities through an integrated triservice firepower and manoeuvre exercise called “Exercise Bharat Shakti” on Tuesday. Read More

Foreign officers, sailors arrive for Coast Guard’s specialized training

Fifty-two officers and sailors from friendly foreign countries have arrived in India for specialized maritime training being conducted by the Indian Coast Guard. Read More

Navy’s First Training Squadron arrives in Mauritius’s Port Louis

The Indian Navy’s First Training Squadron (1TS), comprising INS Tir and ICGS Sarathi (an Indian Coast Guard vessel in 1TS), Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius Read More

‘Super Saturday’: US mission holds special visa-processing initiative

The United States embassy in India’s capital, along with its consulates across the country, conducted an extraordinary initiative dubbed “Super Saturday”, on March 9. Read More

‘Sea Defenders’: Indian, US coast guards successfully end joint drills

The Indian Coast Guard and the United States Coast Guard wrapped up their comprehensive maritime security exercise, “Sea Defenders – 2024”, in Port Blair. Read More

Will to Fight: The 1962 India-China war operation at Hot Springs

In this article, military historian Jai Samota narrates the story of the 1962 Indian Army operation in Ladakh’s Hot Springs area along with the determination, valour, and sacrifice of those brave men who fought there during the India-China war. Read More


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