STEAG: Indian Army’s Signals Technology Evaluation and Adaptation Group

Team India Sentinels Wednesday 20th of March 2024 06:28 PM

The Indian Army has taken a significant stride toward preparing for the future of warfare by establishing the Signals Technology Evaluation and Adaptation Group (STEAG). This specialized technology unit is the first of its kind and is dedicated to exploring futuristic communication technologies for defence applications.

Let’s delve into the details of this groundbreaking initiative

  1. Purpose and Mission:
    • STEAG’s primary objective is to conduct research and evaluation of cutting-edge communication technologies. These include Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G, 6G networks, machine learning, and quantum technologies, all tailored for defence applications.
    • The unit aims to identify and implement the most suitable technologies to enhance the army’s communication infrastructure.
  1. Size and Composition:
    • Comprising approximately 280 personnel, the STEAG is poised to revolutionize communication infrastructure within the Army.
    • It will operate under the Army’s Signals directorate, which a combat support arm responsible for handling military communications.
  1. Strategic Importance:
    • Communication plays a crucial role in military operations. The side with superior communication technologies gains a significant advantage over its adversary.
    • The STEAG aligns perfectly with the Indian Army’s vision of embracing cutting-edge technologies to prepare for future challenges.
  1. Focus Areas:
    • The STEAG will nurture and develop tailored technologies spanning the complete spectrum of wired and wireless systems.
    • These include electronic exchanges, mobile communications, software-defined radios (SDR), electronic warfare (EW) systems, 5G and 6G networks, quantum technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning.
  1. Self-Reliance and Innovation:
    • The STEAG aims to make India self-reliant in defence technology.
    • It will break the monopoly on technology held by some countries and position India as a game changer.
  1. Revolutionizing Communication Infrastructure:
    • The STEAG’s establishment is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at imbibing advancements in technology.
    • The unit will bolster the Army’s capabilities in the digital domain.
  1. Strategic Edge in Modern Warfare:
    • By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the Army aims to enhance its communication capabilities and gain a strategic edge in modern warfare.
    • The STEAG’s focus on AI, machine learning, and quantum technologies will be pivotal in achieving this goal.
  1. Premier Organization for Defence Applications:
    • The STEAG is envisioned as a premier organization, equipped with the capability to harness niche technology.
    • It will foster collaboration and partnership with academia and industry to achieve its goals.
  1. Technical Scouting and Evaluation:
    • The hi-tech unit will carry out technical scouting, evaluation, development, and management of core information and communication technology (ICT) solutions.
    • It will provide user interface support by maintaining and upgrading contemporary technologies available in the environment.
  1. Location and Leadership:
    • Based in Delhi and operating under the Signals Directorate, the STEAG will be led by a colonel-rank officer from the Corps of Signals.
    • Its establishment marks a pivotal development in the Indian Army’s Year of Technology Absorption, declared for 2024.

In short, the STEAG represents a leap forward in India’s defence technology landscape. As it pioneers research, evaluation, and adaptation of cutting-edge communication technologies, it ensures that the Indian Army remains well-equipped to face the challenges of modern warfare

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