Vietnam appoints honorary consul in Bengaluru

Team India Sentinels Sunday 11th of July 2021 10:05 PM

Bengaluru: Vietnamese Ambassador to India Pham Sanh Chau, confirmed the appointment of Mr N S Srinavasa Murthy as the Honorary Consul for The Socialist Republic Vietnam for Bengaluru (Karnataka).

With this appointment, Murthy becomes the first ever Honorary Consul, for any state in India and only 19th the world over.

His role will be to provide consular protection of the State’s interests and lawful rights and interests of Vietnamese citizens in Bengaluru. He will also be promoting Vietnamese investments, Trade and Tourism within Bengaluru.

Speaking at the occasion Pham Sanh Chau said “It is a momentous occasion, and shows that Vietnam is interested in taking its relations with India to a higher level. The appointment of an honorary consul is not easy and is a very tedious process. It is validated through various departments in Vietnam. Honorary Consul’s are appointed by our Minister of Foreign Affairs for a period of 3 (three) years. We have nominated four other honorary consul’s for different states but Mr Murthy is the only one to be approved as yet”

With over 5 decades of experience, and a resident of Bangaluru, industrialist N S Srinavasa Murthy is the CEO of reputed Incense Stick Manufacturers, N K  Subbiah Shetty & Sons.  

He is a Partner with Theatre Menaka Film Exhibitors, Director, The Mysore Vegetable Oil Products Ltd & Director Chandrakiran Securities, Pvt Ltd., Dealers in Stocks and Shares.

N S Srinavasa Murthy said “Vietnam is gaining its prominence as an Asian power both in terms of Economic and business capacities. I am honoured to be the first Indian to receive the role as the Honorary Consul for Bengaluru and will do all within my power to take care of Vietnamese citizens in Bengaluru. I will also promote Economic & Trade investment between the region and Vietnam as well seek tourism opportunities for the country”.

Honorary consuls can conduct their professional or commercial activities of their own during the period of working as honorary consuls. However, honorary consults can not use the capacity of honorary consul in their professional or commercial activities.

Murthy holds a bachelor in Science from National College, Bengaluru.


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