What history tells us about aircraft carrier and India

The only thing that we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history – Hegel. If Georg Hegel were to turn in his grave each time an incident across the world proved the accuracy of his statement, by now he may perhaps have rotated more times than the earth rotates around its axis in a year! Read More

Pandemic presents best example of advantage India over China: Swaran Singh

Even before Pandemic Covid-19 India was supplying vaccines to 170 nations. Even before, India was largest producer of generic medicine that it can deliver at extremely low prices making these especially attractive across developing and least developed nations. Read More

India must focus on rare earths now as ‘allies’ move towards collaboration

The increasingly intensifying geopolitical rivalry between the United States and China presents a golden opportunity for India to focus on something that it has been not very enthusiastic about so far – rare earths. Read More

Story of BSF’s key role, valour and sacrifices in 1971 India-Pakistan war

The contributions of BSF, still in its infancy in 1971, did not find any recognition during the celebrations of the 49th anniversary of resounding victory of India over Pakistan in the Liberation War of Bangladesh. Here is the little-known story of how the BSF played a critical role in the 1971 war. Read More

Ladakh stand-off: Maj Gen Yash Mor tells us how to end impasse gracefully

Major General Yash Mor (retired) tells Sandeep Mukherjee of India Sentinels the difficulties the Indian Army faces in a winter stand-off against China's PLA at the line of actual control in Ladakh and gives suggestions on how to end the impasse without India losing face. Read More

‘Yash Siddhi’ at Point 5156: The untold story of Major Duhoon, his 15 braves

Lt Col Anil Duhoon (retired) narrates how he, as a major then, and his 15 brave soldiers thwarted a Pakistani army’s attempt of demolishing his post that was at a disadvantageous position and inflicted heavy casualties upon them in the Batalik subsector. Read More

Border guarding is much more than merely detecting tunnels

The recent detection of tunnel in Samba area of India-Pakistan border has generated a lot of brouhaha, and allegations of laxity and/or incompetence on part of Border Security Force are being levelled thick and fast. This is not a perfect world and every organization achieves some successes and faces failures too. Read More

Sapper’s Day Out: Story of a combat engineer’s casual heroism in 1971 war

This is a untold story of Colonel Pavan Nair, a combat engineer, during the 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh where he casually and voluntarily undertook a task putting himself in grave danger, which paved the way for the Indian Army’s infantry to move forward. Read More

India's absence in RCEP can be best described as missed opportunity: Swaran Singh

On November 15, India opted out of the trade deal, which was signed by 15 Asia-Pacific nations, including China. Read More

‘Open Sangsar’: The radio message that sealed the fate of East Pakistan

The fascinating story of INS Vikrant’s role in bringing the 1971 war to a conclusion favourable to India Read More

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