Agnipath: Government defending the indefensible
avatar Shishu Ranjan

In this op-ed, Shishu Ranjan assails the #Agnipath recruitment scheme and discusses the ramifications it will have on our national security and society. He said, “We maintain defence forces for our national security and expenditure on such maintenance can’t be left to half-baked policies on the name of reforms.” Read More

Agnipath scheme: Government must come clean on forcing new policy
avatar Col Dinesh Kumar (R)

In his second article on the Agnipath scheme, Col Dinesh Kumar (R) says the government must come clean on pushing through it. He also raises several questions on the scheme and the fate of those Agniveers released after four years. Read More

Agnipath: How good it is to have contract soldiers in tour of duty?
avatar Col Dinesh Kumar (R)

In this article, Col Dinesh Kumar (R) wonders how the Agnipath recruitment scheme in the Indian military will work out favourably for the armed forces as well as the Agniveers, who will not know the true sense of “Naam, Namak, Nishan” Read More

One rank, one pension: The veteran feels betrayed
avatar Col Dinesh Kumar (R)

In this article, Col Dinesh Kumar (R) writes how the government’s backtracking of its OROP promise has left a sense of betrayal among our military veterans. Read More

Intangible Heritage: Treasure trove of India’s maritime legacy
avatar Amruta Talawadekar

In this article, Amruta Talawadekar, who is a senior research fellow at Mumbai’s Maritime History Society, discusses India’s maritime legacy and urges historians to do more urgently to preserve the ancient and traditional maritime knowledge. Read More

Ensuring water security for peace
avatar Dr Arvind Kumar

In this article, Dr Arvind Kumar, emphasizes that nations are more inclined to settle disputes rather than go to war over water. He also calls for improvement of water governance in in low-income climatically vulnerable regions. Read More

Modernization and reforming our border-guarding forces
avatar Sanjiv Krishan Sood

The modernization of border-guarding forces should be planned for all spheres of activities, including operations, training, and administration. A proactive approach will keep the forces in readiness to adapt to the challenges emanating from the changing security environment. Read More

Recent Maoist attack in Gaya exposes system’s apathy towards CAPFs yet again
avatar Sanjiv Krishan Sood

The IED blasts by Maoists on February 25 in Bihar’s Gaya district targeting CRPF soldiers, which led to serious injuries to the soldiers got little or no coverage in the media and hardly any condemnation by a national political leader. This once again proves that the media and the establishment continue to neglect the CAPFs. Read More

Placing border-guarding forces under the Army?
avatar Sanjiv Krishan Sood

The border-guarding forces have attained adequate expertise. The internal leadership of these forces is well experienced and adequately trained at all levels to guide their troops. Placing the border-guarding forces under Army control, therefore, makes no value addition. Read More

Amar Jawan Jyoti: Victim of politics
avatar Col Dinesh Kumar (R)

It is more than obvious that the “merging” of the Amar Jawan Jyoti with the flame in the newly built National War Memorial been done to erase the legacy of the past governments, especially of the Congress governments led by Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. . Read More

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