Rattan Chand Sharma
Joined: December 21, 2022
The author retired as a commandant in the Border Security Force. Before joining the BSF, he served in the Indian Army as a short service commissioned officer. After retirement, he had a brief stint in the academia. Currently, he is a commentator on security and strategic issues and regularly contributes to various well-known journals.

In Punjab, healing touch needed to defang separatists
In this op-ed, former BSF commandant @RattanRC writes that to defang the Punjab separatists, the state and Centre must come together and give a healing touch to the people in the state with genuine grievances. He also suggests several issues that need to be resolved urgently.
Punjab turbulence impacts national security, collective effort required to maintain peace
In this op-ed, RC Sharma, veteran BSF commandant, says the current spurt in radicalism in Punjab is an ominous sign for the country and state. Since it is still in its infancy, it can be nipped in the bud to prevent Punjab from sliding into the dark days of 1980s.
LAC imbroglio: India needs to shed its hesitancy in dealing with China
In this article, RC Sharma, veteran BSF commandant, opines that India must shed its hesitancy and passive attitude in dealing with China to end the LAC imbroglio. He says India must respond in a manner that earns China’s respect.
Revival of militancy in Punjab: Need collective will to stop it
In this op-ed, RC Sharma, veteran BSF commandant, says there are ominous signs of militancy being revived in Punjab and to tackle this, the state and its police must change the way they are handling looming danger at present.
India-China LAC clashes: New Delhi must force Beijing to blink
In this op-ed, RC Sharma, veteran BSF commandant, says the recent Tawang clash between Indian and Chinese troops is a part of the pattern of aggression China started showing since Galwan 2020, and this will continue unless India takes countermeasures.

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