Sandeep Mukherjee
Joined: July 12, 2020
Born in Kolkata, bred all over the place. Management consultant, master practitioner in NLP. Interested in military history since boyhood. Wrote for Financial Express, Economic Times and had a career advice column in The Telegraph.

1962 India-China war: How scholars misled Indians – a case study
In this article, military historian Sandeep Mukherjee tries to debunk some of the myths surrounding what led to the 1962 India-China war debacle. He says the legacy of mythmaking by even scholars over India’s 1962 defeat has not ceased and highlights a Claude Arpi article as a case study. Please have a look.
1962 India-China War – 1: The reality of a military defeat
This is part of the series on the 1962 India-China border war that seeks to debunk the myths, misinformation and politics spun around India’s debacle in the North-East Frontier Agency.
Ladakh stand-off: Major General Yash Mor tells us how to end the impasse gracefully
Major General Yash Mor (retired) tells Sandeep Mukherjee of India Sentinels the difficulties the Indian Army faces in a winter stand-off against China's PLA at the line of actual control in Ladakh and gives suggestions on how to end the impasse without India losing face.
‘Yash Siddhi’ at Point 5156: The untold story of Major Anil Duhoon and his 15 braves in Batalik
Lt Col Anil Duhoon (retired) narrates how he, as a major then, and his 15 brave soldiers thwarted a Pakistani army’s attempt of demolishing his post that was at a disadvantageous position and inflicted heavy casualties upon them in the Batalik subsector.
Sapper’s Day Out: An untold tale of casual heroism of a combat engineer in 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War
This is a untold story of Colonel Pavan Nair, a combat engineer, during the 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh where he casually and voluntarily undertook a task putting himself in grave danger, which paved the way for the Indian Army’s infantry to move forward.
‘Open Sangsar’: The radio message that sealed the fate of East Pakistan
The fascinating story of INS Vikrant’s role in bringing the 1971 war to a conclusion favourable to India
Beating Chinese counterattack: Walking the integrated, all-arms killing fields with Major General Birender Singh Dhanoa
Last week, we heard Brigadier RJS Dhillon on a doable offensive action against China to force them to withdraw from the Indian territory they have captured in Ladakh. However, if the Chinese army counterattacks, what can India do? Maj Gen Birender Singh Dhanoa spells out what our defensive doctrine should be.
LAC, PP14, reality and lies: Walking down Galwan valley with Brigadier RJS Dhillon
Since the bloody June clashes between Indian Army soldiers and China’s PLA in eastern Ladakh, there is one thing the nation wants to know: the truth about the line of actual control – in Ladakh generally, and the Galwan valley in particular. Brig RJS Dhillon explains in details.

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