Veteran Lt Col Anil Duhoon debunks propaganda on OROP implementation

Team India Sentinels Tuesday 10th of November 2020 11:41 PM

In this short video, Lieutenant Colonel Anil Duhoon (retired) debunks the half-truths, misinformation and propaganda regarding the government’s acceptance and implementation of the veterans’ demand for “One Rank, One Pension” or the “OROP”.

Col Duhoon, who served in the Mahar Regiment of the Indian Army for 22 years, is a Kargil war veteran and a decorated soldier. Apart from his military experience, he has substantial experience in corporate leadership.

Today, he is a civil activist, a keen political observer, a golfer, a motivational speaker and a commentator on a range of issues, including politics, government policies, geostrategy and military.

He tweets as @LtColAnilDuhoon


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